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German Cockroach

German Cockroach - Adults are medium brown and approximately 1/2 \\\" long. Distinguished by two dark stripes behind the head. German cockroaches reproduce quicker then any other common cockroach. Typically nesting within 12 ft of there food and water source within a homes Kitchen and Bathrooms, but will move thoughout the house as population grows. German cockroaches usually prefer a moist enviro...

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Ghost Ant

Nest Site/Characteristics: Ghost ant nests are moderate to large with thousands of workers and many queens. Inside nests are generally located within wall voids, behind baseboards, between cabinets and walls or in potted plant soil. Outside nests are in potted plants, under stones, under and inside logs and firewood, in debris of tree crotches, in cavities of dead trees and shrubs and in hollow ca...

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