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Acrobat Ant

Nest Sites/Characteristics: Indoors, nests may be located where water damage has occurred, in decayed or damp wood or inside insulating wall panels and wall voids. Outdoors, acrobat ants nest under rocks or in logs, firewood or trees where decay allows them to tunnel under bark or into wood.Workers trail along tree limbs, utility lines and rails of fences and decks, entering structures through cra...

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American Cockroach

Large Reddish - brown ranging from 1 1/2 \" to 2 \". Adults are weak flyers that rarely take off from the ground. American cockroaches are a “peridomestic species.” This means that they generally live outdoors. However, populations can also move indoors and live in human structures. American cockroaches usually live in warm, moist, humid environments but can survive in drier areas if...

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