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Ghost Ant

Nest Site/Characteristics: Ghost ant nests are moderate to large with thousands of workers and many queens. Inside nests are generally located within wall voids, behind baseboards, between cabinets and walls or in potted plant soil. Outside nests are in potted plants, under stones, under and inside logs and firewood, in debris of tree crotches, in cavities of dead trees and shrubs and in hollow cavities of plants.

Ghost ants readily enter buildings, usually by trailing from nests along guidelines, such as foundations or via branches. Ghost ants will enter structures from ground to roof levels. Workers run rapidly and erratically, trailing along edges and corners. Indoor trails are hidden, under carpet edges and along electrical wires in wall voids. Because ghost ants have high moisture needs, they often trail to sinks, wash basins, commodes and shower stalls.

Outdoor trails can be found behind grass and/or mulch lining sidewalks, patios and foundation walls.
Feeding Preferences: Ghost ants prefer honeydew and insects, dead and living. Indoors, they prefer sweets and will forage for water sources during dry weather.

Control: Inspect indoors and out for nest locations or follow trailing ants to nests. Indoors, look near moisture sources, food sources, carpet edges, shoe moldings, electrical outlets, phone jacks and walls around possible entryways. Outdoors, inspect along foundation walls, patio and sidewalks as well as likely nesting areas.

• If nests cannot be located, bait with Maxforce Quantum or Maxforce FC Ant Killer Bait Gel along trails and around entryways.
• If ghost ants are feeding on proteins (e.g., dead insects, pet foods), apply Maxforce Complete granular insect bait along trails or into voids where
ants enter.
• Treat inside nests directly with Temprid SC, Tempo or Suspend. Dusting voids with Drione or Tempo is also effective, as well as injecting voids with Premise Foam.
• Treat outdoor nests with Temprid SC, Tempo or Suspend.
• In cases of continual ghost ant invasions from outside, treat the perimeter with a residual spray, place Maxforce Quantum around the structure and
broadcast Maxforce Complete Granule Insect Bait outside the spray perimeter. Back